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Alfa Romeo Spider

Alfa Romeo Spider is highly aesthetic, at times, Spyder, known by many experts said Julia. Disc brakes with four-wheel independent suspension front and rear coil broke in the same way as Julienne.

Alfa Romeo Spider is a classic, has successfully produced a long time, only minor cosmetic modifications to the elevator and parking.Equipped with the same engine as the Sprint GTV 1600, Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider 109bh cylinder production (as it is commonly known) had five speeds and disc brakes.

The chassis was Giulia 105-series of sports-absorbing crumple zones, innovation has eliminated the time.

After two years of production Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider Veloce 1800cc has been updated to 1750, was born and delivered to the Duet.New Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce 1750 no significant change in cosmetic changes last Spider, aesthetics (and is) very popular.

Major changes in 1750 were the electronic speed, suspension and brakes. If Duetto 1750 Veloce, was eventually replaced in 1750 by Fast 2000.In 2000 he was introduced in 1970 Alfa Romeo Spider with another variant, 1300 Junior, sophisticated model and lower level. 560 and 17 200 were subsequently added to the vehicle tail comb to improve the results of extensive experience in the wind tunnel to reduce drag.

In addition, two-seater has been done to Spider, Spider, four easily. Other amendments added in the early 80s with black bumpers, made for the car, even with the evolution of the grill and spoiler.